The Shawsank Redemption

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I knew what iMDB was in the last 2014. It is sites that provides information from title, artist, rank till the back layer of many films. What my point is the rank of films in this time. Yet, the highest rank in the iMDB. Do you know? I think one of you know what is the first rank. Yep, The Shawsank Redemption.

This film made a 9.3 out of 10! The highest points till now. I just watched the movies hence I knew from 2 years ago. Why I just watched it now because from the beginning I thought this drama didn’t gave me a good movie even the highest point it had. But then, I have some leisure time and I was boring watching action or sci-fi movies, so I played it.

I may not much tell you about who or how the film is but I’d like to tell you what I learnt from this film, in simple probably. It is because you can see about trailer from this sites also the artist and producer, director, plot etc.

In the beginning, may be 10 – 45 minutes I felt bored but then it’s going to max. I saw he could escape from prison and how he struggle to make it. I like the quote that the man always have something to keep his mind thinking or working. Maybe that’s not exactly the quote from film but quote that I made and thought. Because you know, to keep struggle and far from comfort zone you must have something or a goal or anything to make you push the limit, all out. Because of it you can be grown up.

In the last film I feel enlightenment. That is all hope to make you stand still. And the hope I can compare with the pray and believe. We don’t know what the future brings but all we have to do is work, struggle, and keep in believe and pray that it will be work. Unless, it will give us more than we think in the next unexpectedly.

So, I may conclude this film first from me that gives me so important things to have things to make our mind and brain work. Do not fall in the comfort zone too long (because it is important too to feel a life). I may implicitly tell that I was a lot of in comfort zone. Ha-ha.

Second, why become the most rated all over the world, it may this film gave a lot of people that hope and believe is the best thing when all we had gone or down. Keep the spirit and have faith!

And this is a simple quote but really hard to implemented it in our lives. I hope the best to all of you guys.


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