Snorkeling Trip to Lampung

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That day was an unforgettable day. Those were my first long trip paid by myself. I and my friends, Lelia and Riyan was going to Lampung. We planned at Merak Port as meeting point on Thursday, 24 Desember 2015 at 11 am. Unfortunately, almost ways had traffic jam, I came late 5 minutes, but Lelia was more than that, 3 hours later, LOL. We did “bullying” than angry to her because of her dull face :p.

Our ship left at 2pm. It took 2 hours to be at Bakauheuni Port in Lampung. I wonder myself after whole this life, I can stand in the sumatera land. Yeaah. I did it! To make sure I have set foot on Sumatera, we visit Menara Siger as representative of 0 km of Sumatera. It is near Bakauheni Port, just 20 minutes by foot. We had done taking picture in it at 6.05 pm then packing to leave to Rajabasa Terminal, but before that we pray Magrib on Mushola.

DSC_0967 - Copy

Menara Siger

We arrived at Rajabasa Terminal at 22.15 pm. Our friend, Kiki has stayed waiting for us and she would guide us for 3 next days, and she was giving the best service as guide and guardian for us. Haha. we went to her house and stayed at there. After that, we discussed very long of plan of our trip since there was no little ship to take us to Pahawang island for the day after. Alhmadulillah, before I slept, her friend told us that there would be little ship in there. Okay, I could sleep well on that day. :p

Day 1

We looked for something to breakfast at 6.30 am and we found Nasi uduk, the original food from Indonesia. Made from rice mixed with pandan when they boiled the rice. After full, we back home and preparing for the biggest target of our trip. Snorkeling in the sea of Pahawang Lampung Island!

Many of Kiki’s friends would join on this trip, for about 12 people. Thus, made amount of money would be decrease for us to pay but increased of happiness and adventurous for us. Yeah!! From kiki’s house, it took 60 minutes to get at port by car and we used 3 cars. Because of Friday pray, we started the trip after praying, we went at 1pm. While sailing to snorkeling spot I enjoyed beautiful sceneries of archipelago of Sumatera and took photos on the top of boat bravely. After 1 hours, our boat stopped and our guide told us to wear snorkeling equipment like swimming glass, ‘kaki katak’ and life jacket. Because of there was no equipment fit to me, I decided to snorkel just wearing swimming glass and snorkeling tools.

DSC_1200 - Copy

On that Boat

This was my first to me to snorkel and I was very surprising that it was so beautiful and amazing. Moreover, when I put off the bread in the sea, many fishes came to me and it was like you’re leader of fish. There were many colors of fish around you. Wherever you go, fish will follow you. Ooh, it’s so precious to me.

DSC_1127 - Copy

Beautiful white sand beach

We got 2 spot for snorkeling, but I think the first spot was the most experiencing. The last spot was in white sand beach, I forgot the name. I guessed it would be a nice place to build tent and camp there because the original sceneries, quiet wave, no people there, and we can see both sunrises and sunsets. But yeah, we brought nothing to camp. On that beach, we took many gathering photos and had fun. It was enjoyable moments.

At 4.45 pm, we were back to the beach. After cleaning our body we went home at 7 pm but we had dinner before. It was 9.30 pm we were in Kiki’s house. Though body was dull and tired but our mind and heart was refreshing….

So, that’s the story, I really appreciate if you want to read and more appreciate if you correct my English because this is one of progress of my English learning. Thank you! See you on other notes! Happy blogging!


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