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15 April 2015 at 10:33 | Posted in Ceritaku | 1 Comment
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The last three days, since one of my best friends said that my blog was so long not to update, I started to think what I am going to write. And this day, not more than one hour after I got this idea I write this. Yeah, this is so fresh from oven mind.

This one of my best friends, let’s call Riri, have posted in her facebook about disagreement perhaps. She said “Never judge people only by what you see and hear. Mind our own sins, not theirs. It’s only Him who knows even for the very small mistake of ours.”

Well, it’s little weird for me because maybe I have another point of view. Before more text, I would like to explain why she deserves to post this. It’s because there are people who judged—if they intend to judge whereas you don’t know what his heart want to be—people sins and threw mad at them. That was why she said never judge people and mind your own sins, not theirs.

And at those statements I am not in line with her. People who judge other must be seen on their angle who judge, doesn’t it? What I mean is what the base of his/their view when they judged. If that’s not true based on the truth, I definitely agree with her statement on never judge and mind your own sins blablabla….

Otherwise, what about if it was true about what view in their judging? Does not this make even getting worse if they didn’t want to receive and still on belief? Yes, they have bull-headed. Besides Allah who is has ability and allowed to change their heart. Honestly, if the people who has been judged knew about their wrong based on the truth, and they will gonna be change to be better, right? Insyaallah.

So, let me specifically explain. It is not wrong when people judged another people about their sins or about something that they said “the wrong way”. The wrong is when we don’t want to know what their base of judging to find the truth. Another words, we don’t know the knowledge of the truth.

Yes, that will always be true that it’s only Him Allah Ta’ala who knows for the very small mistake of ours. But, if people don’t judge something, do we know where white and black? Where do we know true and false?

The most important that we have to bear in our minds that get those knowledge, al-‘ilm, the truth. What is the truth in our religion of Islam as rahmatan lil’alamin…. Al Qur’an and AsSunnah.

But that’s not enough, we need Al Qur’an and AsSunnah based on comprehension of ‘ulama who their path is on Rasullullah ‘alihissholatuwassalam way…

Why? Because all people in the world can explain and use their own mind to interpret what in two of them, and we should ask, who are they?!!! Or who are we?!!! Please remember that ‘ulama is that the continues of Prophets.

I am just little person who want to just make around me know the truth, and together do what the truth’s way…

Moreover, a lot of things about this theme, so Ayo Ta’lim…


PS: Riri adalah nama samaran.


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  1. Seems like i know her hehe

    Nowadays people are too easy to say whether others are good or bad only by what they think right. But i do believe that everyone has rights to explain what actually happens. Possibly what we see that they were doing is bad but literally they didn’t do that way, but seems like it looks so wrong. So my point is that we should confirm first what we think about people before judging them by asking them what actually happen. It helps us to understand the matters objectively. Still, i suggest to not to judge people with no confirmation to them.. I emphasise the presumption of innocence. But after you confirming about the matters, it’s your choice to do the next, whether giving them suggestions, praying for them, or encouraging them to fix their way as you believe, Al-Qur’an for instance.

    i just share my ideas…maybe it still bothering since i have no competencies in it. Hehe
    Feel free to ask cil 😀

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