Reaching the Most Active Mountain’s Peak

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I am a man who always wannabe a husband (:p) haha… what I mean that I always challenge to improve myself. In 2013, I pushed myself to climb the most active mountain in the world, Merapi mountain.

Me and my friends had decided that merapi have to be subjected. We prepared not only our body by doing hard exercise like jogging more than usual and also mental. After more than 2 weeks we had prepared, 3 friends asked the team to join in its expedition. I was a leader said that it was okay but they had to more doing exercise than us. “Double it!” I said whether I am not sure they had done or not.

In the time, we got 8 members to climb mountain, it seems a lot enough, but what to be done. By four motorcycles we went to Selo Basecamp as Merapi just had one way to get the peak.

The height of merapi is for about 2900 mdpl. For your information, Merapi always erupts every 4 years and it had started since 1960th, correct me if I’m wrong. That was why Merapi had been becoming the most active mountain in the world. The last eruption is in 2010 since that time the form of Merapi has changed and also the type of eruption. That was researcher said at least.

After arriving Selo Basecamp at 6 pm, we were praying before we started. It took 4 hours till we reached the place we made a camp for. It was hard walking because the track was difficult that was no a horizontal step-way, you only could see a vertical ones but It was happy-walking since people made a lot of joke to laugh.

We made two camps, the wider one was for men and the others for women. After having dinner by made a noodle and sausage, we slept but the unique animals made us keep on eye until one of our friends kept away of it.

As we wouldn’t miss a chance to see beautiful scenery of the sea of cloud, we got up at 4.30 am. When I went out of camp I was shocked that It was something that I have never seen before in a lot of my climbing. It was the most beautiful of sea clouds I’ve ever seen. I always remember till now. How it looks like and felt.

Reaching a peak
After taking a lot of pictures we started to climb to the peak of Merapi. We had prepared just food and drink to climb as it may need time for just 2 hours. One of our friends wouldn’t join because he was used to reaching a peak for 2 times, so he became a keeper. The sun was so bright and the cloud was so clear. We walked in the amount of sand and small-stone in vertical land. I took three step away but the sand made me down and made us just two step away. It was so hard.

Near the peak the flame of spirit burned. “It’s not too long, come on! Brace your self!” I said to my self and friends. Another people having reach the peak also gave us spirit.

DSC_0373 - Copy

And yeeeaaaaaahhh….. Praise to Allah! I reached Merapi’s peak!! I conquered Merapi!!
It was 7.30 am and I could see crater of Merapi. The hot sand that can blow up everytime without our realizing. I was so amazed on that time. It just like I remembered the hard thing that I can make it.

Other group took a peak after 1 hours we were in the peak. They were 3 women and a man. We separated as I did not want to wait for their selfie-time. Haha. Lol. I wondered how they could reach the peak since they didn’t have bringing much water. After all, we reached the peak as one.

Thanks to everyone, they are the one I never forget, inshaAllah.

DSC_0282 - Copy


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