Project in East Nusa Tenggara.

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wow.. new face of wordpress writing windows. qeqeqe.

it’s seems strange when i want to take a good score whether on ielts or toefl but i didnt practice more. and it would be a really strange if it was because u’re lazy. so, i start making this new post in english.

undoubtable that it is a project that u have to conquer itself to increase my level of skill. maybe it’s just me that so serious. ahaha. i was asked by my lecture to go to nusa tenggara island to take some survey for water supply system projected by ministry of left behind-areas development. i know it sounds interesting since komodo island was one of part of east of nusa tenggara island (if u know what i mean :p).

then yeah i had already prepared with outdoor goods. Lecture and 5 my friends also already prepared to go by Garuda airplane. And u know, it was my first time flight using Garuda bestindonesianhad Airlines. And the plan that i have to transit to Denpasar and change plane which is smaller than from jogja to denpasar. And the service was same. in the plane, u would be asked by (beautiful) stewardess whether u want to drink or not and the drinking what u want if want to. The difference beside the capacity and size of plane was there was no multimedia in the seat plane. ahaha…

landing to Labuan Bajo Airport, my friends took picture directly. And i seems like didnt care anymore of photos since i thought this was serious project. lol. maybe it’s just me, couldnt u believe?
i saw a lot of foreign people and i was shy to start talking to. oh i missed something so important. practice in speaking.

those are two people from nusa tenggara which picked us up and looked for hotel. firstly, we introduced the hotel that so expensive, more than 500.000/day/room. What the…… since one of my friend had been here for community development project, they told us to go to hotel pelangi in labuan bajo harbour. and it was cheap that was 300.000/day/room. One room can be placed of two persons.

and the start of hard working of survey was started here.
the coordinator of local ministry of strategy and planned met us on the night in hotel. after a lot of discussion, he said that there were no planned for survey. i thought the ministry had contacted the local government to carry our team survey in some places which is urgently needed water supply system.

after long discussion, the final was we have to the semang village which is around 4 hours from labuan bajo by car. and we would know that the village is where the corrddinator was comes from. okay, i didnt care much for its political will as it is still the same goal of water supply system for poor people and urgent place.

Next Day
it’s 8.30 am in the middle time of Indonesia (WITA), after having breakfast we went to the place. In the name of Allah Ta’al I started the journey in the rear car!
u know, because of six people, it just had 4 people including driver that can get in a car. The car was 4WD, u may see HILUX toyota for the type of car. So, 3 of six persons have to sit in rear.
what a “wonderful” road of east nusa tenggara. it’s like snake. dont ask me about how my stomach struggle in the beast of ways. i almost vomit.

Finally, we came to semang Village, yeaah. wont take to long, we asked local people to take us to the source water. Taadaa,,,Bad luck, the debit was so little, not more than 0,4 l/s which is needed to fulfill 30 household of fresh water. Man… it was terrible.

therefore, we made a conversation to the head of village to ask him for his wisdom. He told us go to dusun Todong which is near from semang.
30 minutes of trip, we reached todong, and asked people at beside road and told him for our purpose. They said that 1 years before there’re help from government to make water supply system. It’s working, but less than 1 year it had broken because of people who broke the pipe with undetected excuse.

then, we went to the water source to take a look of the debit and system. And second badluck, it was little to reach people water needs of approximately 300 KK.
From those, i learned something important, that’s dont trust anybody of their explaination of people in village actually when there will be project because they will made themself a goodseller with many ways that can be took.

Okay that’s for today, i hope i can carry on them the next days. See u there!


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