#8 Injured Climbing

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Yap, it has been four months I didn’t fulfill my ahsudahlah-blog. I miss it so much. Today I want to tell you about my trip three months ago when I climbed in Lawu mountain.

It was Ahad on Juli (I didn’t remember the date as well) when I prepared with two my friends in my home Solo. I was ready and all my friends were too. It’s seem that all might be okay. And my first trip to Lawu mountain has just begun.

With my friend’s motorcycle I drove it and other friend use motorcycle lonely. My friends who lonely was Agus and who with me was Cepot :D. It took 1.5 hours until at the welcome gate of Lawu’s mountain.

I took on Cemoro Sewu ways because the ways for climbing was easy and it’s quicker than other ways. U know, I am new bee here.

We started to climb at 12.30 pm and it my first time to use a legend-vest from my parents. Yeah, sounds cool right. (unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo pfft). Long long trip, I felt enjoy and the path was so clear such as a high way in the mountain. There’s no person, just little. That’s why it took just 4.5 hours to get to the last post before the peak.

lawu (1)

And do you know, there’s a small shop in the near peak! It was Mbok Yem’s inn (cmiiaw!). Then we entrusted our bag and ready for the sunset because it’s 4.45pm. It need for about 30 minutes to go to the peak of mountain. At 5.15 we already did it. Yeah, Lawu’s mountain have been conquered! With the panorama of sunset we took a lot of pictures and videos. Such a memorable memories.

But the danger come.

After we went down and ready for cooking. Agus who had responsible for taking stove was forgetting to bring it again after he took out the stove when we prepared in my home. Huasyeeemmm!!

Just you know, we brought a lot of goods and foods just for an enjoyed climbing. We had had a plan to cook very ambitious and yummy food such as special ommeletes, sarden, and special drink. But it has gone when he said “oh sorry I forgot get back stove to my rucksack (with a smile!)”. We just saw with hopeless seen and really want to punch him but we know it didn’t take it back.

It was an injured climbing I’ve ever felt.

I just want you to prepare it well and recheck when you have ready to go, anywhere you will go.

lawu (3)



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