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I have been graduated just since 3 days ago and I am still curios about myself. What I have to do in my future does it good to be worker or get scholarship for my next study as master degree.

A lot of my friends, my old friends, my little friends, my brat friends have asked and suggested me whether want to get next study or worker in company. But what I got is same things, it’s depend on yours. Yes, of course my deep heart said. But which one I choose I haven’t decided yet.

You know why because I have one reasons of this.

Pay attention, if I want to be master student I must realize that I have to prepare it well of my English and my step to get scholarship (academic, a lot of sheaf and your dreams). But one thing disturbing my mind was you can’t be worker in company because of your old age to apply it. You know, I had seen a lot of job requirement was max 26 years old, so if I got master degree, I certainly will be 27 years old. Besides, other job require experience worker and I will haven’t. Addition, as a young man and husband-wannabe :p I have to be able to be settle down for my future. Imagine if I have graduated as master, I will be hard for finding jobs. What I want to be?? Fyuh..

How ways of winning this? I think that I have to look for jobs firstly and I work. Perhaps it’s just for 1-2 years. After that, I apply next master program because master program required max 32 years old of student.

So, does it balance or fair??

I really don’t know whereas my parents have always asked me to take a part finding scholarship and be master student.

If ‘don’t know’ has come, just asked to Allah, let Him choose the right best one to me and you. Don’t let your wasting time gnaw you. It means just try all possibly things while I pray.

Well, it’s enough for this, I’ve explained what I am supposed to explain and this probably become my practice English J. Hey, I have to fill my promise (actually it’s just agreement) to go to mountain with my old friends after graduation. Wait for my trip next yaaa…. (Indonesia-Inggris :D).


Next Chapters : Imagine Imagination; Trip: Mountain …. with my old friends


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