#5 My Opinion about LCGC

3 May 2014 at 23:44 | Posted in Ceritaku | 2 Comments
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In the last of 2013, the government of Republic Indonesia produces policy for allowing industry to produce low cost green car (LCGC). It makes effect more negative than positive. I don’t agree fully with this policy. LCGC is a little car with just contain maximum of 5 person in car.

As we know, earth becomes dangerous because of global warming that makes climate change. This changes everything in daily human activities from producing food, communicate, learning etc. Not only human activities but also environment, climate changes make more geyser and increase sea level around the world, making air distribution changes weather, plant, creature of sea to all creature in the earth.

So, more producing car more producing pollution. Though it’s green car but if people buying it increased its make sense pollution will increased too. Besides, when producing its car, it’s mean need more energy whereas we have to reduce energy consume. Also, more cars will appear in road rapidly.

Imagine if the road for transportation is fulfilled by this car. Beside the governments have to build more roads but area can’t be wide. Crowded and traffic jam will go up rapidly.

The important thing, LCGC still use fossil fuels throwing off CO2 and CO making increasing of global warming. As we know, fossil fuels decreased briefly so that the price will rise every year or even month.

In other side, some people of the government deciding policy think that people want to really have a car with low cost. This is because Indonesian economic growth achieves more than 6% and become one of the best countries of its management of economic.

But they think partly for this policy. It’s not just for a moment, but preparing for the better future, for the way of thinking what we have to keep earth including people, environment, and all creature to live together. And best thing to keep peaceful for our next generation.

I can’t imagine what happens next if all the negative-possibly things describing those happens. With this I hope government can re-think and re-produce policy of LCGC for better future. (Nsh)


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  1. so why the government named this car as a green car?

  2. because this car produce little more CO and other gas, but then like i said, more people buy more car will produce gas.

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