#2 Little Bit about GPA

27 April 2014 at 23:51 | Posted in Ceritaku | Leave a comment

Last time, when I searched my degree for my graduation requirement I saw my parent’s result of their graduation. I found that they didn’t get 3.00 on their GPA, 2.87 exactly for my mother and 2.9 for my father. And after that I just realized that in that time, GPA was so difficult to get as hard as his long period of their study. This is because maybe GPA was not a base for career.

But today, base of eligible for looking for job or next study is 3.00 for GPA beside their soon of graduation. Actually this is not so strict but mostly yes. Therefore, students today who want to be ‘fluent’ in his register job or next study (graduate or phd programs) must have GPA in just minimum of 3.00 of GPA. But, just bear in your mind this is just the world has come, but Allah is The Greatest.

But in this century, when creativity and speed were its base of production and improvement of technology, GPA was just one step to another big step. That’s because the most important you must have is soft skill included thinking skill, analyze skill, communicative skill, fast-learning skill, adaptation skill and survives skill. At least those were I got on my campus.

So, let me make conclusion. You don’t have to be 3.00 on your GPA but you have to have soft skill and last but not least is Allah is The Greatest and this world being on Him. Ok, this is for the day before yesterday. See you.


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