10 November (2010)

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10th November 2010

Today was patriot day. Long years ago, heroes fought to get freedom. This note will not write about patriot day but what happen today in patriot day to me, 10 November 2010.

Hm… it’s fun to see you again.

I was happy because this is my first time paying and buying motorcycle tax in the tax office. As we know, the good citizens are who pay tax continuously. Of course like me..hehe…. but, don’t forget to pay zakat also. It’s worship if we do lovely.

Today, barrack obama—president of america—arrive in Indonesia. Of course, this is the first he arrives here after his inaugurating as president. In Indonesia University, he gave general lecture. Everyone impressed of what he was saying. But, out there many people talk about what he wants to this country. I mean, what his willing with this arrival. This is because everyone thinks that America is bullshit. And, on facebook, my friends had opinion that he arrive here to make a good corporate with Indonesia, but another said he had a bad willing. Hm… it’s complicated. One thing that I have in mind. Indonesia has to get up. Talk less and do more. And, the important thing to make a change is 3M. Make a movement from little things, Make a movement from now, and Make a movement from our self. Everyone has their opinion, but work getting up Indonesia is a must.

Okay, that’s my English learning today. I hope you will enjoy and give me opinions about whatever, but building opinions. So thank you…


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  1. there are still many incorrect grammars.but it’s okey,just keep trying bro to make your english better..

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