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15 September 2010 at 10:17 | Posted in Ceritaku | 1 Comment


Today was a unforgettable day (maybe). Coz this is the first time I come back to the village (mudik) by taking-bigcase motorcycle. Seems like I cant work with big bag, but Alhamdulillah I can. It was approximately 60km between jogja-solo. Without gloves and masker I feel so cold in the early morning trip.

Finish in the solo at 7am and I was so hungry, unfortunately, there’s no food or just snack, oh no…but alhamdulilah after 10 minutes my mother came with a lot of food from tradiotonal market.

U can read what I’ve done, this is the first time I use English in my blog. Just for learning to improve my English. Like wiseman says ‘practice makes perfect’, I hope so…

Like the title of this blog, the little things to do to make ur English better is practice. So, I start to write English in some writing, Practice is the best thing to keep ur knowledge about something in mind. Practice of knowledge not only writing or talking but also teach anyone can make ur knowledge bear in our mind. So keep on learning, doing, and praying.

Ok, this is the end for this. Thank u for reading. See ya….

NB: so sorry for my first english writing, i feel so many mistakes, but mistakes is one of success…so great to see u..


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  1. like this, I wait your note in english next

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